The first and only 100% All-Natural, Low Glycemic, Sweet Infused Fruit Sweetener.

This kid Friendly, diet and diabetic friendly sweetener has undergone clinical trials in children ages 6-18. Backed by human in Vivo Clinic Trials and is the Perfect Companion for our Skinny Genes Java.




Introducing the First 100% All- Natural Low Glycemic Sweet Infused Fruit Sweetener that does not cause Brain Glycemic Indexing™. KID-FRIENDLY: Sweet Infused Fruits® have undergone clinical trials in children ages 6-18 and adults (diabetic and non-diabetic). Backed by Human in Vivo Clinic Trials. Replacing High Glycemic sweeteners with Low Glycemic sweeteners is a major tool is controlling blood sugar and insulin levels, and protecting the brain. This Sweet Infused Sweetener (SIS) has one of the lowest recorded and documented Glycemic Indexes and Glycemic Load in humans (25- years of clinical research in adults, diabetics and children) in the entire spectrum of natural sweeteners and is the Perfect Companion for Our Skinny Genes Java™


Stir Up A Smile

Satisfy your cravings without the added calories. Pure Natures Design brings you A 100% All-Natural Sweetener with a healthy sweetener alternative with a real sugar taste. Replace your sugar and artificial sweeteners with our Sweet Infused All-Natural Sweetener and enjoy its health benefits without compromising the flavor of your favorite foods or beverages.

Scientifically Smart

Fat Burning & Age Management Products

Here at Pure Natures Design we are committed to helping you live a complete healthy life so you can always look and feel you best. Healthy living begins with you. We are committed to bringing you the latest in advanced innovative science that holds the key to many of life’s mysteries. Our initiative is to bring knowledge and awareness so you can make a well-informed decision on the most current nutritional science breakthroughs backed by 30 years of clinical trials and scientific research studies. Leading Our Medical Advisory Team is “World-Renowned Scientist” Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. Dr. Allen that leads the industry with her Cutting-Edge Science that has created an amazing line of innovative, healthy products which help people burn fat, through a simplistic delivery process of doing things we do every day like drinking coffee and tea.

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